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We’ve found that one of the best ways to teach is to "Educate through Entertainment." That’s why all of our programs are designed to challenge and involve participants rather than "lecture" to them. For example, instead of just talking about Bernoulli’s Principle, we create two teams of audience members who demonstrate the principle by playing “Bernoulli Basketball.” Balancing a 2-foot balloon ball on a column of air created by leaf blowers, each team of three people must race its floating ball across the stage and be the first to make a basket. As a result, all of our interactive programs integrate the state’s learning and educational standards.


Conner Creative presentations are great for:

  • School assemblies
  • Church groups
  • Festivals
  • Science centers and museums
  • Corporate events
  • Team building
  • And more


Contact us today to learn more about programs currently available as well as having your ideas made into a customized program!



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